Arn Hill Nature Trail
Arn Hill, on the northern edge of Warminster, rises to over 600 feet and its nature trail along public footpaths forms a circular walk of two miles through woodland and open downland. The chalkland flora, which includes orchids, attracts many insects and butterflies, while the woods are a haven for several species of birds.

Smallbrook Meadows Nature Reserve
Old water meadows, a small area of woodland, and a pond, alongside the River Were, supporting many species of plants and animals. The variety of habitats makes the reserve a special place worth visiting throughout the year.

Whitesheet Hill Nature Trail
Chalk downland rich in flowering plants and insects. Plus superb views. The thin soil, exposed to extremes of weather, and the constant grazing by sheep maintain the diversity by preventing vigorous plants from dominating the smaller species.

Woodland Park
80 acres of historic broadleaf woodland in private ownership, operated as a working wood, ensuring the survival of a wide range of trees, plants and animals. Guided walks, fishing, museum, railway, caravanning and camping, and special events.