Farleigh Hungerford
Ruins with many impressive features including a gateway and round towers. Originally built for Sir Thomas Hungerford in 1383.

Ruins of a rectangular castle surrounded by a moat. Building started in 1373 for Sir John De La Mere. The substantial corner towers are still impressive, despite the damage they suffered in the Civil War.

Old Sarum
Ruins of a Norman motte and bailey castle which was begun in the 11th century. The inner bailey has strong ramparts, a gatehouse, a postern keep and the early 12th century palace of Bishop Roger.

Old Wardour
Built in 1392 but badly damaged during the Civil War when the occupier, Lady Arundell, succeeded with the help of a small band of men, in holding a large Parliamentary force at bay for a week. The ruins were featured on the cover of the top-ten album Ten Summoner's Tales by the rock star Sting.